Special Election January 2015

Bexar County, Texas Special Election

January 6, 2015
by Phil Sevilla


On December 15th, Gov. Rick Perry set Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, as the special election date to fill three legislative seats being vacated including two in Bexar County districts – Senate District 26 (Sen. Leticia Van de Putte) and House District 123 (Rep. Mike Villarreal). Van De Putte and Villareal resigned to run for the office of Mayor of San Antonio in the election scheduled for May 2015.

There are five candidates running in the special election to fill the SD 26 seat vacated by Van de Putte. The leading Democratic Party candidate is Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (HD 116). There are two other Democratic Party candidates. The leading Republican Party candidate is Alma Perez Jackson. There is one other Republican Party candidate running for the office who has voted in the Republican primary only once before.

There are six candidates running in the special election to fill the House Representative (HD 123) seat vacated by Villareal. The leading Democratic Party candidate is Diego Bernal. There are two other Dem. Party candidates. The single Republican Party candidate is Nunzio Previtera.

The Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy

Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy is a general purpose political action committee based in San Antonio. Our mission is to assist voters in Bexar County in making informed decisions during political elections; scrutinize and cultivate political leaders who will promote and defend authentic Christian moral principles in local, state, and federal offices in order to safeguard and foster the common good according to God’s law.

State Senator, District 26:

State Representative, District 123:

Early voting starts MONDAY, December 29, 2014

We believe there is a high probability that the special election on January 6th will result in a run-off election between the principal Republican and Democratic Party candidates. It is critical that faith-based voters are informed about the voting record and backgrounds of the leading candidates.To that end, the voting record and background of the leading Democratic and Republican Party candidates are detailed below.

Senate District 26 Race

Alma Perez Jackson, Republican Party Candidate:

2014 State Republican Executive Committee representative; precinct chair for over 20 years promoting “pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith” conservatism. She stands for less state regulation and taxes and school choice for all families; committed to defend property and second amendment rights.

Alma is married to a retired police office and Vietnam veteran; mother of three grown children and nine grandchildren. She has lived in District 26 for 35 years and attends Grace Point Church.

Trey Martinez Fischer, Democratic Party Candidate:

Conservative faith-based voters should know some facts about Martinez Fischer’s voting record*. As House District Representative for HD 116, Martinez Fischer consistently voted against abortion restrictions or informed consent for abortion-bound women but voted to prohibit the sale, trade, or possession of shark fins in Texas. (HB 852 Bill, 5/4/2013) Martinez Fischer champions the protection of sharks but is opposed to protecting unborn children from the cruel fate of abortion.

Trey Martinez Fischer’s Voting Record

Pro-Life Omnibus Bill HB 2 Bill , 7/10/2013. To prohibit abortions after 20 weeks and restrictions on abortion facilities. Voted NO.

SB5 Similar pro-life bill 6/24/2013. Voted NO.

SJR 13 Bill, 5/15/2013. Established term limits for certain elected officials. Amends the constitution to establish a term limit of 2 consecutive terms for positions filled in statewide elections, except for
judicial positions. Voted NO.

H Amendment 47 , 5/19/2011. Prohibit state funding of facilities that perform abortions. Voted NO.

SB 14 Bill, 5/16/2011. Voter Identification Requirements. Voted NO.

HB 15 Bill, 5/5/2011. Requiring an Ultrasound prior to abortion. Voted NO.

CSHB 3678, Bill, 5/26/2007. Vote to pass a bill that allows for religious expression at public schools. Voted NO.

HB2 Bill, 5/15/2006. Property Tax Reduction. Voted NO

*Source: Project Vote Smart

State Representative, District 123 Race

Nunzio Previtera, Republican Party Candidate:

State Republican Executive Committee representative; successful insurance agency small business owner; former president of homeowners association; past president of the Alamo Pachyderm Club. Nunzio stands for pro-life values, defending marriage between one man and one woman, securing the border, maintaining smaller government, lower property taxes, eliminating the franchise tax, reforming Obamacare, and championing small business.

Nunzio and Penny Previtera have been married for 37 years; he has two children and six grandchildren and was a deacon of the Castle Hills Christian Church.

Diego Bernal, Democratic Party candidate:

Bernal recently stepped down as the San Antonio city councilman for District 1 to run for state House representative of HD 123. Highlights of Bernal’s disregard for religious liberty and anti-family values:

In the summer of 2011, the obscene and blasphemous play, Corpus Christi, was showcased in the city-owned San Pedro playhouse located in District 1, an enterprise subsidized by the city. The play portrayed our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His apostles throughout the performance in lewd and prurient ways as active homosexuals. Christian organizations repeatedly presented their complaints before the City Council during the summer of 2011 requesting that the blasphemous play be canceled. Bernal, the Mayor, and the majority of his fellow councilmen refused to take any action.

In the Fall of 2011, Bernal, the Mayor, Julian Castro, and seven other councilmen voted to approve “domestic partner” benefits for city employees with same-sex and unmarried opposite sex partners, a gross affront to married couples and a rebuke to Christian groups who voiced repeated complaints before the City Council.

Bernal refused to respond to questions and concerns from citizens regarding the gay bath house in his district (ACI) on Elmira Street which city health inspectors avoided in spite of the city’s Metropolitan Health District office’s findings that HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases were on the rise in San Antonio primarily in the reckless sexual behavior of the MSM (men having sex with men) population.

Last year, Bernal created a firestorm in the city when he sponsored the special rights city ordinance (euphemistically mislabeled the “San Antonio Non-discrimination ordinance”) protecting homosexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals pitting the city council against local businesses concerned about their religious liberties, a coalition of Christian-based organizations and churches who protested in large numbers at City Council public forums for months. The culmination of the bitter fight resulted in a recall campaign against Bernal which garnered substantial support among residents in his district.

Also last year Bernal and liberal colleagues on the council voted to fund harmful compulsory contraceptives with tax dollars to combat teen pregnancy in poor city neighborhoods, in effect treating young minor girls as irrational barnyard animals.

Earlier this year, Bernal was implicated in using the San Antonio police department to obstruct and shutdown a pro-life jumbotron screening in front of the Alamo disregarding the permit already issued by the City Parks office.