Special and Charter Elections November 2017





NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Proposition 1 FOR
Proposition 2 FOR
Proposition 3 AGAINST
Proposition 4 AGAINST
Proposition 5 AGAINST
Proposition 6 FOR
Proposition 7 AGAINST

(Explanation of endorsements below)


Board of Directors – At Large (Two)

Deb Bolner-Prost   ENDORSE

Lynn Murphy  ENDORSE


November 7, 2017 Constitutional Amendment Election Ballot Language

Analyses of Proposed Constitutional Amendments
Texas Legislative Council



Bexar County Elections Department

Explanation of Endorsements (Propositions)

Proposition 1 (H.J.R. 21):   FOR

Proposition 1 would provide financial relief to disabled veterans receiving a partially donated home who may not otherwise be able to afford a home because of the tax burden on the home.

Currently, a partially disabled veteran who pays part of the cost of a donated home receives no property tax exemption on the home’s taxable value, unlike a partially disabled veteran whose home has been donated to the veteran in full. H.J.R. 21 would address this inconsistency in the law and avoid the risk that such a veteran might lose a home designed specifically for the individual’s disabilities because of property tax bills that the veteran may not have the income to pay.

Proposition 2 (S.J.R. 60): FOR

Proposition 2  aims to improve access to home equity loans and allow home equity loans to be made on smaller-value properties.

Home equity loans are used for home repairs, medical expenses, college tuition, and expenses for emergencies such as accidents and natural disasters. It is important to keep these loans available because other types of loans do not offer the same benefits and protections to homeowners.

S.J.R. 60 would provide increased consumer choice by allowing home equity loans to be made on agricultural homesteads.

Proposition 3 (S.J.R. 34): AGAINST

The existing constitutional provision providing for the continued service of officers until their successors are duly qualified affords the Office of the Governor flexibility in finding qualified replacements for appointive offices.

Proposition 4 (S.J.R. 6):  AGAINST

The constitution should not be amended in a manner that may undermine the state’s separation of powers doctrine.

Proposition 5 (H.J.R. 100): AGAINST

The existing constitutional limitation that allows only foundations in operation on January 1, 2016, to operate charitable raffles was established to protect against the creation of new entities solely to take advantage of charitable raffles.

Proposition 5 would expand gambling in Texas by encouraging less well-established professional sports teams to set up charitable foundations to conduct raffles and may prompt other groups to seek similar authorization to conduct charitable gaming.

Proposition 6 (S.J.R. 1):  FOR

Proposition 6 would help ensure that families of fallen first responders, who have already suffered devastating loss in service to their communities, do not face the loss of their home because of the property tax burden, particularly following the death of a first responder who is likely to have been a breadwinner for the family.

The amendment would extend to surviving spouses of first responders the same well-deserved property tax exemption given to surviving spouses of disabled veterans and members of the armed services killed in action, and would continue the legislature’s long-standing practice of addressing the hardships faced by families of fallen first responders.

Proposition 7 (H.J.R. 37):  AGAINST

Proposition 7 would provide unfair favoritism to traditional financial institutions by authorizing the only non-charitable raffle allowed in Texas for the benefit of only one industry.

The amendment is not necessary under the Texas Constitution, which only prohibits lotteries that require a form of payment or consideration.

SOURCE: Analyses of Proposed Constitutional Amendments (Texas Legislative Council)

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