Explanation of Candidate Rating System

Endorsement Rating:
An “Endorsed” rating indicates that the candidate’s religious values, views, and record as a public official are aligned with Catholic moral principles, especially those pertaining to five non-negotiable issues addressing the sanctity of life, marriage, and sexual ethics based on our own review and/or review by other trusted organizations. The candidate is qualified and experienced for the elective positive sought.

Favor Rating:
A “Favor” rating acknowledges that there is evidence that a candidate’s record, responses to questionnaires, and public statements are substantially in line with Catholic moral teaching while his/her opponent’s record provides substantial evidence from statements, actions, and allegiances that opposes Catholic moral principles. We accept the unambiguous teachings of the Magisterium of the Church. Please refer to Pope John Paul II in the Gospel of Life. (Evangelium Vitae, para. 73.3) The Pope in this encyclical is guiding Catholics to vote for candidates who will most likely limit public policies that promote intrinsic moral evils.

No Endorsement Rating:
A “No Endorsement” rating is based on certain guiding principles. A candidate or candidates running for an office did not respond to our repeated requests for answers to our questionnaire and we did not find sufficient information through other sources to make a prudential judgment to endorse the candidate(s) or we gathered information from the candidate’s voting record or public positions and activities that warrant a “no endorsement”. A important consideration in our evaluation is the experience and competency of the candidate. In some cases we did not find any substantive information to warrant an endorsement. We will not endorse candidates who seek endorsements from organizations whose mission, principles, and political positions directly conflict with the moral principles of the Catholic Church.

Opposition Rating:
We oppose any candidate whose voting record, affiliation, or statements are clearly against the moral teachings of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of life, marriage, and family. We disqualified candidates endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats, a San Antonio homosexual activist organization that opposes the universally held Christian doctrine that proscribes homosexual acts as intrinsically evil. The organization is actively working to overturn civil laws on marriage. A candidate who is endorsed by homosexual activist or pro-abortion organizations but does not agree with the endorsement should publicly state his or her opposition to the endorsement.

Unopposed Rating:
There may be a candidate who is not opposed in the Republican or Democratic Party ballot. An unopposed rating indicates that the candidate did not return his/her questionnaire responses or attend an interview and the candidate does not have a public voting record nor is there sufficient information to warrant an endorsement.