Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy is a general purpose political action committee based in San Antonio. Our mission is to assist voters in Bexar County in making informed decisions during political elections, scrutinize, and cultivate political leaders who will promote and defend authentic Christian moral principles in local, state, and federal offices in order to safeguard and foster the common good according to God’s law.”

TLIPA distributes a brief “values” questionnaire to candidates running for federal, state, county, and local races representing Bexar County via mail, phone calls, and personal interviews. Candidates are rated based on their questionnaire responses, indicating their religious values and practices, and, specifically, their views on the five primary “non-negotiable” intrinsic moral evils that have plunged our nation into a deep moral crisis: legalization of abortion, abortion-inducing drugs, euthanasia, acceptance of deviant sexual unions as marriage, human cloning, and destruction of human embryos for research.

We also conduct private interviews, review voting records of incumbents, public speeches, questions and answers in candidate forums, endorsements and ratings from other organizations, and pertinent articles on the internet and newspapers. We rate candidates based on how closely they are aligned with Catholic Christian moral principles and on their professional competence and experience.