Countywide Survey Proves Dissatisfaction with Straus, Support for Governor’s Agenda

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Countywide Survey Proves Dissatisfaction with Straus /Support for Governor’s Agenda

Findings are Consistent with Recent GOP Executive Committee Resolutions

San Antonio – A Bexar Countywide survey of Republican Precinct chairs demonstrates strong majority disapproval of Speaker Joe Straus and his opposition to Republican principles.  This finding is consistent with a recent in person vote of precinct chairs present at a party Executive Committee meeting.

With a clear majority of precinct chairs expressing disapproval of Joe Straus and support of the Governor’s agenda,  a conflict is brewing given the statement of Bexar GOP Chair Robert Stovall dismissing the vote and saying to the San Antonio Express News “Most of them [precinct chairs] don’t live in his [Straus] district. I don’t think it represents the perspective of the party.”

An unofficial survey was sponsored by four Bexar County committee members from different parts of the city, Phil Sevilla, Charlotte Folson, Paula Moore, and Joe Bissett. In the email survey, 76% supported the Governor’s agenda (with special emphasis on the privacy bill), and 91% supported it without that special emphasis.  71% of survey respondents supported ousting Straus. At the Executive Committee meeting, 87.5% of precinct chairs voted to support the Governor’s agenda, and 59% voted to oust Speaker Straus from the Speakership.

Unlike Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey, Bexar GOP Chairman Robert Stovall has not expressed support for the legislative session agenda and strongly supports the leadership of Speaker Straus distinct from the majority of his precinct chairs.

According to Bexar Precinct chair Paula Moore, “Session after session I have journeyed to Austin only to experience the same results each time: pro-life, pro-family bills dying on the cutting room floor. After experiencing years of business as usual at Bexar County GOP Headquarters, I am excited to see conservative precinct chairs took a stand on July 10, and then again in this survey.”

This press release was developed and approved by  Bexar County Executive Committee members Horace “Joe”  Bissett (PC #1065), Paula Moore (PC #3058), Charlotte Folson (PC #4046), and Phil Sevilla, (PC #2115).

CONTACT:  Phil Sevilla,, 210-784-0518.

NOTE: Online Survey Methodology

An online survey was developed to canvass all the registered Republican precinct chairs of Bexar County (244). Email requests were sent inviting all precinct chairs to express (yes or no with comments) their support for the Governor’s call for a legislative special session and  an alternative question which included the Governor’s calling for the legislative special session with support for the “Bathroom Bill” (Texas Privacy Act), plus a question of support for a resolution to replace Straus as Speaker of the House. The questions distinguished whether the survey respondents voted at the committee meeting on July 10th or for the first time via the online survey. The survey tool tallied all the responses and a report was sent to all the respondents. 1/3 of the registered precinct chairs responded to the survey.

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