City of San Antonio May 6, 2017 General and Bond Election

City of San Antonio May 6, 2017 General and Bond Election


TLIPA canvassed and vetted candidates utilizing several means which started after the candidate filing deadline on February 17, 2017. A long form questionnaire (click on Candidates Values Questionnaires TAB on TLIPA’s homepage) was send via email to the candidates who filed with the City Clerk’s office (79 candidates). Candidates were called if they did not have a campaign website, Facebook page, email address in their application, or any election material known to TLIPA volunteers.

At least three attempts were made during the course of the election campaigning period until April 10th to contact candidates to request responses. A short form Q & A (Yes or No) form was also developed to assist in getting quick responses from those candidates via phone calls or candidate forum interviews if responses to multiple requests were not received. Candidate interviews were also conducted at a central location over a four day period.

Additional information from candidates’ public speeches, responses in candidate forums, voting records, professional background, statements, and articles regarding the candidate available in the public record were analyzed and considered as part of the process completed by the Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy’s board in completing our committee’s endorsement list for this election.

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